The hidden power of Visio diagramming

What: Visio diagrams are used to document complex configurations and provide management reporting.

Where: Network diagrams, System diagrams, ITIL service management, Datacenters, Application dependencies, Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Contingency Planning, migrations and many more.

Visio diagram SAN Migration

Why: Visio is very labor intensive when you have learned it yourself or have to start with it. It is a very powerful tool but lots of the hidden features of Visio are unknown and therefore unused.
A number of those hidden features will be shown in our seminar. We will be showing a tip of what is called Visio Automation.

Visio Automation is the process of creating large numbers of consistent Visio diagrams with a minimum of labor and investment to keep them actual.

In our seminar we will show you some hidden secrets of Visio. With some free utilities it is possible to increase productivity substantially. For teams that require consistent and reliable documentation there is even more to tell. It is possible to publish diagrams in a consistent way to an Intranet, Extranet so everyone can access the latest documentation.

Example Visio: On the right there is a little picture of a Visio diagram explaining the migration of a SAN to another SAN without the expensive hardware and consulting.

There will be a FREE seminar organized in The Netherlands (Utrecht) on Octboer 22th.

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