Visio Automation for Data Centres and IT Infrastructures

Systematic documentationTarget audience: Network designers, Project managers, IT architects, IT managers, application architects, datacentre designers, ITIL service managers, network managers.

Objective: Quickly document complex IT enviroments as the fundamental basis for other processes like CMDB, Disaster Recovery Planning(DRP), Business Contingency Planning (BCP), ITAM and many more.

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In our free half day workshop we’ll be covering how to quickly map and maintain the understanding of data centre and technical infrastructure. This seminar will focus on Visio techniques and best practice for documenting critical data centre infrastructure, complex networks and ITIL service/application mapping. We will cover the following areas;

  1. Automating Visio infrastructure diagrams from inventory/connectivity datasets & CMDBs
  2. Mapping techniques for applications, racks, cabling, servers, networks, floor plans, etc.
  3. Creating “drill down” diagrams to simplify larger infrastructure
  4. Visualising CMDBs for change/risk impact analysis and CMDB administration
  5. Visio tips and tricks to reduce diagram maintenance and improve accuracy
  6. Reducing duplication of projects and operations documentation
  7. Brief discussion about bringing value to help desk tools (e.g. TOPdesk, Remedy, ServiceNow) and CMDB configurations.

The seminar will be interactive and informal with the presenters willing to help with delegate questions and cover areas of specific interest.

Visio Diagram


David Cuthbertson, Square Mile Systems / AssetGen

One of the AssetGen founders, David will cover various Visio features and techniques, showing how inventory spreadsheets, connectivity, and CMDB dependency mapping can be linked to Visio automation. Other automation issues he’ll address include achieving consistency across multiple diagrams, web publishing and implementation in legacy and new infrastructures.

Ronald Jansen, Abraxax

CEO of Abraxax, Ronald will explain why inventory and mapping is a key component in Network and System Monitoring, Risk Management, Disaster Recovery, Business Contingency Planning, Projects and (operational) cost reduction. Flexible an visual documentation tools that are easy to maintain using existing information resources will be a real power tool that gives a 360 degree view (reporting) of IT systems supporting the business.

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